¿Puedes responder correctamente a esta pregunta diaria de nuestro Free QBank? …

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Can you answer this daily question from our Free QBank correctly?

A 38-year old unrestrained man is involved in a motor vehicle collision and presents with the injury depicted in Figures A and B. The patient undergoes the operative intervention depicted in Figure C through the extended iliofemoral approach. Which of the following variables below is a protective factor against early conversion of the fixation to total hip arthroplasty for this patient?

1. Femoral head cartilage defect
2. Age
3. Gender
4. Initial fracture displacement > 20mm
5. Surgical approach

QID: 214000
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¿Puedes responder correctamente a esta pregunta diaria de nuestro Free QBank? Un hombre de 38 años que no está sujeto está involucrado en una colisión de un vehículo motorizado y presenta la lesión que se muestra en las Figuras A y B. El paciente se somete a la intervención quirúrgica que se muestra en la Figura C a través del abordaje iliofemoral extendido. ¿Cuál de las siguientes variables es un factor protector contra la conversión temprana de la fijación a artroplastia total de cadera para este paciente? 1. Defecto del cartílago de la cabeza femoral 2. Edad 3. Género 4. Desplazamiento inicial de la fractura > 20 mm 5. Abordaje quirúrgico QID: 214000 **La respuesta se publicará en 24 horas. #orto #cirugíaortopédica #ortopedia #cirujanoortopédico #ortopedia #ortopedia #ortopedia #ortholife #orthobullets #orthresidents #orthresident #orthresidency #medicalschool #medicalstudent #medstudent #doctor #medical

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  1. Drew Allison

    Opposite of throckmorton sign

  2. Scott Zehnder

    I bet that guys wife has a pelvic fracture too

  3. Hisham Alkarkhy

    Answer 2
    Age below 40 y. is a protective factor

  4. Funsix


  5. Orthobullets

    The preferred response is:

    2. Age

    This patient sustained a native left acetabular fracture and underwent open reduction internal fixation (ORIF). Of the options in the question, the only protective factor against early conversion to total hip arthroplasty (THA) is his age, being less than 40 years.

    The survival of the native hip after acetabular fracture ORIF is dependent on multiple factors including patient age (<40 years), fracture pattern (simple fractures), initial fracture displacement (<20 mm), quality of reduction, and absence of injury to the femoral head. While ORIF can be successful when these protective factors are present, osteopenia, pre-injury hip arthritis and significant chondral impaction injuries makes ORIF difficult and more prone to failure. In the elderly patient with these injury characteristics and/or delayed presentation, THA should be considered in the index procedure.

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